November/December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Woodside Families,

As the season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday celebration begins, we appreciate the opportunity to reflect on our time together and all that we have been able to accomplish already with your help.  It is only through collaboration that we can care for the children in ways that teach them the life skills that they will need in an ever changing and demanding world.  By focusing on those who help others and work together for the greater good, we can reassure our children that there are those who will care for them in challenging times, and instill hopefulness for the future.

 It is always important to attend to the children’s needs, especially in times full of additional challenges that make this more and more difficult for us all.  As the holiday season begins, we are reminded that it makes a difference when seasonal activities are simple and meaningful.  The children can continue to learn through their play and interactions, as they enjoy traditions and a sense of community through joyful music, glittery decorations, and special foods.  Our Woodside traditions reflect the beauty and peacefulness of the changing of the seasons, and the special relationships we have with each other. We feel it is meaningful to learn about the variety of ways people celebrate, identifying common themes.  Let us know if you would like to share a family tradition or a recipe with your child’s class.

This time of year is easier to manage when we acknowledge the children’s heightened emotions.  Proactive planning helps to keep us all from becoming stressed as the days become busier with added demands.

The Parenting Group Discussion in the following weeks will focus on helping families create plans to get through a typical day, as well as manage the stress the holidays can bring.  We will explore how to create clear, appropriate expectations that can make our busy days manageable.  This demands a fine balance of consistency and flexibility, with awareness of our own parenting style, what is predictable and thus preventable, and how persistent our children can be.  This is not an easy challenge!  I highly recommend: Promise of Proactive Parenting, and The Negotiation Generation by Lynne Reeves Griffin which we will use as a basis of our discussion.  All are welcome to join this ongoing discussion.  Please check the front desk for scheduled discussions and sign-up if you can attend!  Also, check out these resources:;; and to help with the holidays.

We appreciate the support of all the families who supported the 2019 Trick or Trot 5K fundraiser on Saturday, October 26!  We collaborated with other non-profits and we all benefit! Finally, it was a beautiful day!  Mark your calendars for next year!  Woodside children can participate in the half mile Fun Run, and families either run or walk in the 5K to represent our school.  Lots of costumes make it even more fun for the children.  We particularly thank our generous sponsors and families who made donations. It makes a difference to many! 

Don’t forget to vote!  The children’s future depends on us!     

All of us at Woodside appreciate being able to share this time with the children and families who remind us of what is truly important.  We extend our most sincere wishes for a holiday season that will bring your family closer together.  We hope for peace throughout the world and for a bright future for all children.

With best wishes from all of us at Woodside,
Nancy Stearns, Pat Adams, Rita Conley, Lisa Dudley, Laura Flynn,
Meghan Knight, Bambi Urann, Anathea Viscariello, Laura Wagner