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Woodside School and Community Resource Center, Inc. is a nonprofit and nondiscriminatory educational organization located in Plymouth.

Woodside School was founded in 2001, as an interactive learning environment for young children to develop an understanding of the larger meanings of life and the importance of stewardship.

Goals emphasize respecting children's learning through interaction with other children, adults, and the environment; empowering families to meet the needs of their children; creating ongoing support systems within the community, and strengthening the community's ability to best serve families.

Programs at Woodside are based on developmentally appropriate practices as described by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and draw from current literature, research, and models such as Reggio Emilia and Highscope, that focus on child development and family systems.

The innovative focus on environment, family, and community involvement helps to establish Woodside as a model program. It is distinguished by the commitment of the founders to collaborate with other early childhood professionals, parents, community members, and with organizations that serve children who are at risk and/or with special needs, such as the Plymouth Coordinated Family and Community Network Council.

Our Teachers

The learning environment is organized by teachers who have B.S., B.A., and M.S degrees in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, and Early Intervention, Certification in Parenting Education and Support, and MA Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC) Lead Teacher Certification

Nancy Stearns

Nancy is co-founder of Woodside with Patricia Adams and Maureen Recke. She has three grown children and seven grandchildren and been teaching for over 35 years, with a focus on Child Development and Family Studies. With a MA DOE license, Nancy is a Team Teacher in the Woodside Kindergarten. As a certified Parenting Education and Support Educator, Nancy also runs the playgroups and Parenting Discussion Groups. Her mission has been to make early education appropriate, accessible, and relevant, to support families and teachers, and to make the world a better place for all.
Laura Flynn work with her students

Laura Flynn

Group 1 Teacher
Laura has been a teacher at Woodside since 2013 after 12 years as a Certified Early Intervention Development Specialist at Kennedy-Donovan. She also has a BS Degree in Child Psychology with a focus on Child Development. She has been a Woodside Parent, as her two sons attended playgroups through the Kindergarten. Laura brings her expertise, experience, and commitment to her classes. She is always available to help us all.
Anathea Viscarilello interacting with children in the play yard

Anathea Viscariello

Group 1 Teacher
Anathea’s three children, were all taught by Woodside teachers when young. Her love of children brought her to study child development and to our teaching staff, in 2013. Through her kindness and calm encouragement, she helps families and children take the first steps, into Group 1 and the bigger world. We all benefit from our time spent with “Mrs. V”. We are grateful to have her part of our Woodside community.
Rita Conley reading to students

Rita Conley

Group 2 Teacher
Rita has been part of Woodside since it was established in 2001. She was a licensed social worker before earning her Master of Education degree in Early Childhood. A mother of two grown children, Rita has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, helping the children in Group 2 develop a love of learning before they go on to bigger schools and Kindergarten.
Lisa Dudley facilitating classroom activity

Lisa Dudley

Group 2 Teacher
Lisa has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, and much experience from varied venues. She has been a wonderful resource for our Group 2 Team. A mother of 5, all of whom having been Woodside students, Lisa is well versed in Woodside’s philosophy. She is a calm and steady support for us all, especially the children. Always cheerful and optimistic, Lisa helps the children learn what will help them as they grow.
Bambi Urann reading to students

Bambi Urann

Kindergarten Teacher
Another gifted teacher and well-versed resource for us all, Bambi has been part of Woodside from the beginning. She has taught in all the classes over the years, created the Adventure Class, and is now settled in the Afternoon Pre-K/Kindergarten Group. A mother of three grown children, and grandmother of 2, Bambi is always observing, reflecting, and sharing her perspectives and knowledge. A life-long learner, who is a lawyer, a daughter of a doctor, and has a Master of Education and MA DOE license, Bambi inspires us all.
Meghan Knight reading to students

Meghan Knight

Kindergarten Teacher
Joining Woodside in 2019, Meghan Knight brings her experience as a Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher in Vermont, and as a parent to a 5-year-old, presently enrolled at Woodside. Her background has been Early Childhood and Family Studies, and she has a MA DOE license. She is presently studying Clinical Mental Health and Counseling. Meghan has been teaching in all classes and has much to share.
Mary Ann Carter Reading to students

Mary Ann Carter

Classroom Support
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