2021 Annual Appeal

Collage: Children exploring numbers with Montessori toys, girls with teacher in the out door sand kitchen, boys filling toy trunks with sand

Dear Woodside Families and Friends,

We are grateful to have begun our 20th year at Woodside!

Our first day was on 9/11. We thought that such an experience could never be repeated. We continued after that first day to support families and provide safe sanctuary. Meanwhile, the children were just delighted to be together in an environment created to help them feel respected in the process of learning. They explored the materials we offered: basic, natural materials. And they created worlds that were intrinsically meaningful.

These last years, once again, raised challenges that no one could have anticipated.

Yet, we have grown through our experiences. With many thanks to our vested, hard-working teachers and for the contributions of so many of you who help us in our work in this challenging world, we have been able to continue to provide opportunities for children and their families that are more relevant than ever.

We are grateful. Especially now. Many are challenged because of how the pandemic has impacted their lives and livelihoods. Yet Woodside continues to offer needed support and care. In the past, philanthropy was simply a wonderful point of recognition for our non-profit. Today, the generosity of our community is also a vital, necessary partner in our ability to both sustain and expand our mission to support families and their children. With your help, we can continue to make it possible for children to learn in a safe, peaceful, natural environment while their need to be with friends, to explore, to make discoveries is protected. This benefits us all.

We ask that you consider Woodside as you make end-of-the year charitable donationsYour contributions will benefit many in your local community, especially the children who remind us of what is truly important.

We send our most sincere wishes for a holiday season that will bring your family closer together, with hope for peace throughout the world and for a bright future for all children.

Nancy B. Stearns Founder/Director

Please consider making a donation online, or supporting us through Amazon Smile.