Lunch Guidelines

Lunchtime at Woodside

If your child will be enjoying their lunch at Woodside as part of their program schedule, you will need to pack a meal for them. As recommended by the USDA Child and Adult Care Program, a nutritional lunch would include: meat or protein alternative; a serving of fruit and/or vegetable; bread or carbohydrate alternative; and water, milk or juice.

Note: Woodside does provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. 


We have established Woodside as a peanut and nut free environment due to the highly allergic and life-threatening reaction of some children to nut proteins.

  • No peanut butter or nut butter, or products containing nut butters.
  • Soy nut butter (WOW Butter), Sunflower butter (Sunbutter), or Pea protein butter (No Nut Butter) are permitted, but must be labeled.
    As it is hard to distinguish the difference between these and standard nut butters, unlabeled items may be sent home.
  • Please read all labels of prepackaged foods such as granola bars and individual snacks from larger packages to determine whether the food product is peanut/nut-free or possibly contaminated during the manufacturing process.
  • Please do not include candy as part of lunches.
  • Children are not permitted to share food.

Thank you for your consideration and help in keeping children safe and healthy.