34 Southers Marsh Lane
Plymouth, Massachusetts


Play Groups

          Woodside encourages diversity and welcomes children
            0f all ethnic groups, colors, and beliefs

  Tuition and Registration Information for
Playgroups for babies and children with a parent or caregiver    
      Facilitated by teachers specializing in       
Early Intervention, Child Development,
and Parenting  
6 Week IntroductorySessions-$75
Tuition per Semester- $210.00 (includes photo portfolio)
Weekly drop in - $10.00 per session
  Mondays - Toddlers 9:00-10:15       
Tuesdays-  Babies 9:15-10:15 (no charge)

Fridays - Toddlers 9:00-10:15

Registration Procedure:
Interested parents of babies and children under 3years are encouraged to call the school to discuss enrollment and specific needs.

Parents and friends are also welcome to attend the ongoing
Parenting Discussion Groups at no charge.

Please call or email Woodside for additional information.